Classical Music

Whispering Colors

Habemus Quartet, Eduardo Frías y Stamen Nikolov perform the works awarded in the second edition of CLMA in a in a suggestive recital.
In Crescendo

Daniel del Pino and Habemus Quartet perform the winning works of the first edition of the CLMA in a recital that is in crescendo.
Shoah for Solo Violin and Sacred Temple

Vicente Cueva performs the monumental score written by Jorge Grundman to honor all the victims of the Holocaust.
Kapustin Piano Trios

The Spanish National Music Award Trio Arbós performs the works for piano trio by Nikolai Kapustin.
W Sonatas for Violin and Piano

Vicente Cueva and Daniel del Pino perform the sonatas for violin and piano written by the Madrid born composer Jorge Grundman.
God's Sketches

Susana Cordón, Jaime Fernández and the Brodsky Quartet perform the monodram God's Sketches and the string quartet Surviving a Son's Suicide.
2+2 4 Kapustin

Ludmil Angelov, Daniel del Pino and Neopercusión perform Nikolai Kapustin's Concerto for Two Pianos and Percussion in the first world recording of the work.
Play it Again

The Spanish National Music Award Trio Arbós performs the works for piano trio by Bunch, Mozetich, Kats-Chernin, Grundman, Schoenfield and Korea.

B3 Classic Trio plays the trios for clarinet, cello and piano by Brahms and Bruch.
No Seasons

Ara Malikian conducts the Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra performing a recital on the four seasons with works by Joan Valent, Jorge Grundman and Astor Piazzola.
Three Portraits with Shadow

Lola Casariego y la Orquesta Sinfónica de Extremadura bajo la dirección de Jesús Amigo realizan la primera grabación mundial de obras de Rodolfo y Ernesto Halffter y Julian Bautista.

Ara Malikian and Daniel del Pino perform a collection of works for violin and piano by way of a recital containing pieces by Piazzola, Auerbach, Mozetich, Egozcue, Finzi, Grundman, Kats-Chernin and Kodàly.
Kachaturian: Masquerade and Violin Concerto

Jesús Amigo leading the Orquesta Sinfónica de Extremadura performing with Ara Malikian in the Masquerade Suite and Aram Khachaturian's Violin Concerto
New Chamber Music Discoveries

B3 Classic Trio continues the path begun with their previous work by claiming here the world's first CD recordings of the works of Gyrowetz, Hartmann, Juon and Kahn.
Chamber Music Discoveries

A selection of chamber works by 20th century composers in the hands of the B3 Classic Trio, who seek to convey emotion to the listener through the works of Kahn, Febland, Newton, Grundman and Johnstone.
Meeting with a Friend

Ara Malikian at the head of the Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra performs works by Pelecis, Sibelius, Jenkins, Mozetich and Grundman.
Tears of Beauty

A selection of contemporary cononant works that demonstrate that tonality did not disappear and that represents the first work of Ara Malikian at the head of the Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra,

Books / Music

Con los nueve sentidos

Book with CD published together with Medicus Mundi and containing nine short stories with the first world recording of the three string trios by Jorge Grundman.

Electroacustical Music


A compilation album of the most representative works of Laguillo, Taboada, Caballero and Grundman that were published by NPM and edited in favor of Doctors Without Borders.
Ya Wadud

Eduardo Laguillo presents in Non Profit Music his most personal and acoustic work edited in favor of Doctors Without Borders and full of spirituality.

Joaquín Taboada, pianist and accordionist, presents in this work a journey through introspective and dreamy terrains in a CD for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders.

David Caballero publishes under the pseudonym Gnomusy a compilation of his hits in the portal in a CD edited in favor of Doctors Without Borders.
We Are the Forthcoming Past, Take Care of It

The CD that gave rise to the history of Non Profit Music and the foundation with the same name in an edition in favour of Doctors Without Borders.
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